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Menjernihkan Hati Kapanpun, Dimanapun.

Online Counseling Kampoong Hening merupakan salah satu tools bagi Anda yang ingin tetap terkoneksi dengan Kampoong Hening dan mendengarkan segala masalah yang sedang anda hadapi dengan metode ego-state management.

Caring, Online Mental Health Professionals

We at Psych Company know the toll that COVID-19 is taking on everyone. This change has been tough and we are told it will only get worse. So we have made our online services convenient, straightforward and similar to face-to-face psychotherapy. If you are having a hard time coping right now our supportive, caring and knowledgeable team of expert online therapists and life coaches are here to help you! No matter where you are, you can connect with our passionate licensed therapists online from the comfort of your own home.


Telephone Counseling

We are companions, listen to you share, clarify your problems with you, elicit feasible solutions, helping you to solve your own problems. The service is built and developed by a team of experienced psychologists who are always listening and ready to solve all your problems.

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Chat Online With A Consultant

Psychological counseling through chat is a popular form of psychological counseling in modern society, as psychological support services are growing and each of us in the present society also pays a lot of attention to psychological problems. In this article we share some of the benefits.


Consultation Via Video Calling

With the Video call consulting service package, you can own a consulting package with your own expert anytime, anywhere (even if your psychologist is on a business trip), with This utility makes it completely convenient for you to chat online with your psychologist.

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Why You Should Choose Online Consulting

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Kampoong Hening adalah lembaga yang membantu kesehatan mental melalui program healing & development yang menyenangkan dan menenangkan hati

Kawasan wisata alam yang di desain khusus menjadi tempat terapi atau penyembuhan yang menyenangkan
Program untuk menjadi seorang Happy Counselor

Konselor yang mampu membantu permasalahan klien, merubah energi negative menjadi normal, dari normal menjadi positive.

Tidak ada produk di keranjang.